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“Sales people often pressure consumers into
purchasing a timeshare, and the decision is
often an emotional and impulsive one.”

– Leslie Rutledge, Attorney General of Arkansas

Before you buy anything from Vistana – vacation ownership interests, points, or anything else – you should find out about the true costs and the benefits. Even the most skeptical consumers can find themselves being talked into buying a timeshare before they ask some of the most important questions.

Most importantly, if you bought a timeshare in the past several days and you’re now having second thoughts, you may have a right to cancel your purchase just by sending a letter if you do it in time.  Almost all[i] states give timeshare buyers a few days to cancel their purchase.  Here’s how.

If you are going to attend a sales presentation or talk to a timeshare salesperson, make sure you ask these important questions before you say “yes” to anything.


[i] According to this American Resort Development Association fact sheet, only North Dakota and Wyoming do not provide mandatory right of rescission periods:
Photo credit: Sean O’Flaherty CC by 3.0